Vertical Blinds

The vertical blind is one of the most effective blinds out on the market. A vertical blind can let the sunshine in or out but also provides maximum privacy.

What are the advantages of having a vertical blind?

  • There are countless fabric options – We have 1000’s of different fabrics available to see in our showrooms.
  • Most fabrics we provide can also come in blackout (see below for more details).
  • They are very cost effective.
  • Durable and maintainable – if one of the louvres (slats) is damaged they can be replaced if the track is the same system.
  • Most of the fabrics are fire  retardant (check the sample or ask one of our team to confirm before ordering).
  • We have selective fabrics which are easy wipe fabrics if you are looking for a durable blind which can be suitable in moist environments such as bathrooms or next to a kitchen sink.
  • We have a range which have a solar protective coating which reflects and filters light more effectively that conventional fabrics.
  • Turnaround time is fast from making to fitting.
  • We also provide blinds which are made to prevent pollen and allergens. Our pollergen fabrics are coated fabrics which are excellent for domestic and commercial use.  Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that kills germs (including MRSA) and helps prevent mould and mildew.
  • You can purchase your vertical blinds in 3.5 inch slats or 5 inch slats.
  • Vertical blinds are also popular in offices as well as domestic use.

Which colour are you interested in and would you like a pattern?

The colour options are endless however there are a lot of popular colours and styles which are most frequently chosen. If you are looking for a neutral colour then we have many different whites and creams available in different styles, patterns and textures. Greys have increasingly become popular and we have more than “50 shades” available. Of course we have the extravagant colours if need be and we have supplied some fantastic and unique colours and patterns for residential homes, manor houses as well as hotels and show homes.

Mix and match? Why Not?

The beauty of vertical blinds are that you can choose multiple colours to your track. This means you can have completely unique colours and designs. They can look effective, smart and elegant in lounges, conservatories, day rooms and hotels and apartments.

Do you have a large or unique space which needs a vertical blind?

We can make bespoke blinds for unique windows if need be. Get in touch and find out from the professionals as to which blind best fits your space.

FAQ’s for vertical blinds

  • Are all of the slats going to get in the way of my door? – No, you can have the controls and the stack on either side of the window so that you do not have them blowing around.
  • Can I have the slats opening and closing from both sides? – Yes you can, We have a system where the slats can be split and the controls can be placed either the left or the right and the blinds open together.

Our vertical blinds allow maximum coverage of large windows at a cost-effective price. A vertical blind’s louvers are made up from best quality of fabric, treated with dust repellant chemicals, to furnish that virtually maintenance free blind. these vertical blinds are a great choice: Provides much needed privacy and an elegant means to control light in your home. It simply means you can control how bright or private a room can be. These are perfect for really large windows and provide the ability to customize height and width and thus ideal for many places from homes to offices to medical facilities. These protect your furniture
by declining sun’s radiation and damaging expensive upholstery. Also, by preventing the sunlight, they are blocking the UV radiation from coming into home and office and help in securing your eye sight, your skin and other parts of your body. These are also perfect for all your windows, including sliding glass doors.
With a screen vertical blind you can alter the mood of your room by controlling the amount of light filteration, with options is in openness factor. Verticals blinds are adaptable and can be shaped to suit most windows, including sloping triangular windows. Visit Our Showroom today for more information.