Our Shutters are made to the highest specification and quality here in the UK. Each shutter is carefully hand crafted to the highest quality and made specifically for your chosen windows. Our Shutters cover different configurations and shapes adding extra character to your windows. We provide shutters at full height, cafe style or tier on tier. The shutters can come in different colours and slat sizes. Our shutters can either come with the tilt rod or as a clearview option (no tilt rod) for the more modern home. We also provide shutters on a gliding track for larger areas such as french doors and bi-fold doors. Visit Our Showroom today for more information.

Key Points About Our Shutters:

  • All Made in The U.K. Unlike Competitors Which Are Made In China.
  • Faster Turnaround from Make to Fit.
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Meticulously Hand Crafted

The Main Advantages of Our Shutters Are:

Light Control
With our shutters you can have the perfect amount of light coming into the room. You can tilt open your shutter louvres for a little light, shut them completely to keep light to a minimum or you can open panels to let light flow freely into your room.

With shutters you can have privacy but still allow the light to come in. There are different types of designs and configurations meaning you can have the top open and the bottom closed. (see below for more details).

Hand-Crafted In The UK
Each shutter is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom allowing you to enjoy your shutters with peace of mind. This allows a faster lead time from order to fitting date.

  • Available in 18 Colours
  • 3 different louvre/slat sizes 63mm, 76mm or 89mm
  • Durable and Waterproof
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Design Styles

Full Height Design
This is the most popular and most common design. A full height shutter covers the entire window with a frame going around the panel of the shutter. The design is compatible to almost any window and they are robust and give a clean and complete look. If the window is larger in size (width or drop), there may be a T-Post or Mid-Rail added to the shutter design. This gives the shutter additional support when needed.

Advantages of a full height shutter are:

  • Completely covers the window
  • Better light control especially if you wish to add split controls and/or mid-rails
  • Less frame around panels making it look neat, tidy and complete.
  • Versatile and durable
  • More configurations available

Gliding Track Shutters
Our sliding shutters are an excellent system for doors and windows to open your shutters. The shutters are made on a sliding track. Its a great solution for large windows, patio doors and room dividers.
Advantages of a gliding track shutter are:

  • Excellent for doors and bi-fold doors as the blinds are completely out of your way.
  • The shutters work without a bottom track so there is nothing on the floor to trip over.
  • Unlimited width size
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and slide elegantly and easily

Cafe Style Shutters
Our cafe style shutters are shutters which only cover half of the window.  This is a popular design especially in cities and on a busy road to gain additional privacy but keep the light.

Advatages of a Cafe Style Shutters are:

  • Maximum light
  • Privacy for street level rooms
  • Can still view outside
  • Cheaper than full height design

Shaped Shutter
Our shaped shutters are versatile and custom made for any specific window.  A shutter is the best solution to any shaped window as it can be custom built especially for that individual window.

Advantages of a shaped shutter are:

  • No better solution to cover the entire window of a shaped shutter.
  • Are custom made specifically for your individual window.
  • Can be left open or shut easily in windows which are difficult to access.
  • Choose Your Louvre Size – 63mm, 76mm, 89mm
  • Choose Your Louvre Operation – Clearview Tilt or Central Tilt Rod
  • Choose Your Colour