Roller blinds

We offer bespoke roller blinds measured and fitted to your specific window or door. We have a wide variety of roller blinds and superb solutions for your home windows and doors. We have stylish, beautiful and top quality fabrics and all of our roller blinds are versatile and tested for strength and durability. We have a stunning range of styles and designs; from modern looks to classic styles.
Whether you are looking for room darkening, translucency or sheer fabrics, we can offer the most exclusive finishing options and revolutionary operation systems. All of our Roller Blinds feature child safety systems. Visit One of Our Showrooms today for more information.

What are the advantages of having a roller blind?

  • There are countless fabric options – We have 1000s of different fabrics available to see in our showrooms.
  • Most fabrics we provide can also come in blackout (see below for more details.)
  • They are cost effective.
  • Many of the fabrics are fire retardant (check the sample or ask one of our team to confirm before ordering).
  • We have a range of fabrics which are easy wipe fabrics. If you are looking for a durable blind which can be suitable in moist environments such as bathrooms or next to a kitchen sink then this is a very useful feature.
  • We have a range which have a solar protective coating which reflects and filters light more effectively than a conventional fabric.
  • We also provide blinds which are made to prevent pollen and allergens. Our Pollergen fabrics are coated fabrics which are excellent for domestic and commercial use. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are added to the fabric that kills germs (including MRSA) and helps prevent mould and mildew.

What is a blackout fabric?

A blackout fabric has an extra layer of backing which stops the light coming through the blind into your home. This specially made layer works wonders for rooms which need blockage from sunlight. The blackout blinds are very popular for bedrooms and baby rooms. A blackout blind or fabric can come in 100’s of different colours and styles. The blackout layer may also help with insulation and temperature control. They can keep warmth in bedrooms in the winter and keep rooms cooler in the summer. If you are looking for a good quality product which is affordable and keeps light out of your bedroom, a blackout roller blind is a great option. Blackout fabrics are also available for Vertical Blinds, Roman Blinds, Curtains and our Vision Blinds.

Which colour are you interested in and would you like a pattern?

The colour options are endless. There are, however, a lot of popular colours and styles which are most frequently chosen.
If you are looking for a neutral colour then we have many different whites and creams available in different styles, patterns and textures. Greys have increasingly become popular and we have more than “50 shades” available. Of course we have the extravagant colours if need be and we have supplied some fantastic and unique colours and patterns for residential homes, manor houses as well as hotels and show homes.

Can I make my roller blind bespoke by adding shapes, poles and crystals?

Quite simply, the answer to this question is yes. We are proud to say that nobody in the country can match how we can customise our blinds and make our blinds bespoke by adding different shapes, poles and crystals. We have experience in making our customers blinds look different and the beauty of roller blinds are they are versatile and we can do many different wonderful things to them. Our bespoke blinds section on the website will give you a better insight and many different images.

Do you have a large or unique space which needs a roller blind?

We can make bespoke blinds for unique windows if need be. Get in touch and find out from the professionals as to which blind best fits your space.

Have you heard about our day and night vision blinds?

The day and night vision blinds are one of our latest products which have become increasingly popular. Please see our Vision Blinds page for more information.

Thinking about electric blinds?

With the latest technology we can make your blinds motorised. The electric blind systems can be rotated up and down by a remote control. See our Electric Blinds page for more in depth information.